Before using Ooume products, my sons hair was brittle and dry. His scalp was extremely itchy, scratching daily, even after washing and conditioning his hair. While shampooing his hair with Ooume, I notice the curls came back immediately. The shampoo lathered really well.

The conditioner left my sons hair moisturized and the curls bouncy. Since using Ooume, my sons scalp hasn’t been dry or itchy. I can’t wait to purchase their products regularly.

Tasia O.

Focus Group Participant

I really really like how moisturized and hydrated my sons hair was after washing and conditioning his hair. It was also softer after just one use. He has a dry spot in the back of his head that remained soft and hydrated after its use.

Javana B.

Focus Group Participant

Usually wash days are a pain but Ooume made it a breeze! I loved how just a little shampoo went a long way and lathered so nicely. I was actually able to detangle while shampooing because it softened the hair so much. Loved the consistency of the conditioner and how his hair felt afterwards. I will definitely be switching to Ooume and whatever else they have to offer in the future!


Focus Group Participant

Honestly the first pair of hair products that I’ve tried on my sons hair texture that really showed a difference instantly after the wash! I love how light and soft it left my sons hair. Definitely a must have!

Tennile G.

Focus Group Participant