Mompreneur Series with Briana Davis

Today we have Briana Davis from Cincinnati, Ohio as our guest. Briana Davis, founder of Ooume, is a passionate advocate for natural, gentle hair care solutions for babies and parents. With a commitment to creating products that hydrate and nurture delicate curls and coils, Briana embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with Ooume after struggling to find suitable hair care solutions for her son.

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Briana Davis, founder of Ooume, was inspired by her son's hair care needs to create safe and effective hair care solutions. Ooume celebrates natural hair and inclusivity, empowering Black women and the entire community in the beauty industry.

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New Brand Ooume Aims To Make Caring For Curly Hair Easier For Babies And Their Parents. When Ooume founder Briana Davis was pregnant in the midst of the pandemic, she turned to her community for advice on what diapers to buy, proper bathing protocols and, most importantly to her, the baby haircare products she should use. “

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Founded by Briana Davis, Ooume was established to assist mothers in caring for their children's curls by offering carefully crafted products. The brand came to life as a result of Davis' struggle to find products that nourished her son Amir's curly hair. Determined to find a solution, Davis took matters into her own hands and developed a haircare routine specifically tailored for Amir.

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Cincinnati marketer launches new beauty brand Ooume

A Cincinnati entrepreneur and marketing pro is celebrating the launch of her new health and beauty brand inspired, in part, by her now 3-year-old son.